The Comedy of Gary Owen is truly FUNny entertainment.

Whether it's performing Ventriloquism or amazing audiences with mind-blowing hypnosis ...Gary offers two clean-comedy entertainment choices that guarantee non-stop laughs! The term “HypnoVent” best describes Gary’s skills as a ventriloquist and stage-hypnotist in a hilarious presentation of outrageous comedy entertainment. Booking agents love the fact Gary is able to offer clients two completely different comedy shows. Gary integrates a little ventriloquism in his hypnosis shows which adds a new twist to stage hypnosis that separates him from all others, ventriloquists and hypnotists alike. Both of Gary’s acts are equally entertaining and both offer plenty of audience participation just for laughs!


Gary Owen is one of America's funniest corporate comedians. A multi-talented performer that has entertained numerous well-known national and international organizations with clean, comedy fun.

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Comedy Hypnosis

Hypnotist Gary Owen demonstrates the mind is a terrible thing to waste…so why not have some fun with it. The power of the mind can be hilarious! In a relaxed state of hypnosis, audience volunteers...

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Ventriloquism Coaching

Gary Owen has gained world-wide recognition and credibility as the ventriloquist coach who helped Darci Lynne become the season 12 winner of America’s Got Talent. Gary has been Darci’s personal vent coach since 2014...

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